Monday, August 18, 2008

Don't be discouraged

Hello guys,

So glad the holidays are here! Everyone, take this chance to have a good break!

Secondly, DO NOT be discouraged by the competency test. It is always good to know your mistakes are now than a day before graduation right? Take this time to work on it! Clear any doubts you have.

Lastly, thank you for your comments! Esp Hui min, Wee Sing and Guang Hao. hahaha(I know where my Mistakes are now and will work on them. Hopefully I will be better in the 2nd Semester)

Just like everyone, I do appreciate your honest opinions. Good or bad, so as to improve myself( so cheesy..ewwww....can't stand myself). So if you have more to say which you did not get a chance to pen it out in the feedback form, please do write it here. It is alright not to write your name.

Have a great holiday!

I will see you....when I see you!


A BIG SPLASH in the Pool!



Thursday, August 7, 2008

Time for more Quiz!

Question one.
This is from Miss Ling Yeo. When steaks see each other, they did not say "hi". Why is that?

Question 2
Char Siew Bao and Man Tou watched an emotional film. After the movie, Char Siew Bao cried but Man Tou did not. Why?

Answer for the 'The Dark Knight"

People, if the cornea is exposed(if you realise there is no blinking) how can there be no scarring!
And,if the orbital floor has collapesed, how can there is still such good ocular movements?! There should be restrictions especially at up gaze right? Plus, if the orbital floor has collapsed, how can both eyes be at the same level?